General information for presenting authors

  • Authors are required to prepare a video for 10 minutes with the paper/demo/project presentation that will be upload in the digital sessions. These videos should be upload in a drive folder; the link should be sent to before Sep 17th.
  • Entering the digital rooms does not require credentials.
  • There is a 15 min time slot for each paper in the schedule: 10 min for playing the prerecorded video of the presentation, followed by 5 min live Q/A between the presenting author and the audience, using both chat and videoconferencing. For demos and projects, there will be a video of 5 minutes. Timing will be strict, and no delays will be allowed.
  • All presenting authors (Full papers, project presentations, and demos) are expected to attend their session for live Q/A and interaction.

Outline of the session

  • Presenting authors are requested to enter the session of their presentation in advance, preferably at the beginning. The links to the technical sessions will be sent in advance before the Conference starts, on the website.
  • Speakers need to join their session for live Q/A and interaction.
  • Pre-recorded videos will be played at the pre-designated time indicated in the schedule. You are expected to be in the room at this pre-designated time, at the start of your session.
  • After each pre-recorded video is played there will be a 5-minute window for live video conferencing Q/A between the presenting author and the audience.
  • Participants are encouraged to ask questions in video form (by raising hand). Text questions are also possible.
  • The session chair will manage the session, ask questions, and keep time. 

Before starting your session

  • All sessions are accessible from the full program section at SEPLN2020 website. 
  • When you enter the digital room you will see a central panel for video content and chat to the right.